Life is not that easy,As we think & Very frequently we have to face this truth.On the other hand,Life is Colourful due to Our Love 2wards it & Resilience……..

Yes,I have said 2 different things in the above 2 sentences bcoz It’s Absolutely True.As we all have some problems in life & that’s y,Life is not that Easy…… BUT Simultaneously,We all have the power to take Action as well as Over Come all problems & that’s y,Life is Colourful…… Remember Just that,some r dark Shade & some r bright Shade of Life.Dark r the Problems,Bright r the Resilience & We have power to Move from Dark to Bright Shades of Life……

MORAL:-Love u’r own life & Turn Dark into Brightโ›‡๐ŸŒž

23 thoughts on ““LIFE IS COLOURFUL!”

  1. I don’t mean to offend but. I think you have a very meaningful message but the presentation is, for me, not doing it justice. Perhaps a little more attention/time to how you are writing will allow you to achieve a greater impact with your wonderful words.

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