This world is divided in to 2 parts,the 1 who has nothing & the another who has everything. Similarly, peoples can b also defined in to 2 characteristics of humanity Such as Patience & Attitude. SO,It’s an Universal Truth about world as well as people.Every1 can deal with it Very flexibly by Keeping alots of Patience when u have nothing & having faith that Someday u’ll have Everything. On the other hand by keeping Down-2-Earth Attitude when u have Everything & Remembering that there was a time u had nothing.


45 thoughts on “UNIVERSAL TRUTH!

  1. Light Ministry Blog

    Thank you for visiting my blog! One way we may have “everything” one day is to obey the gospel of Christ and remain faithful to it until death. The bible tells us that the human mind has not even imagined all the things God has in store for His children in heaven…


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  2. “Having it all” doesn’t necessarily mean having every material thing you can imagine. Of course, we need some basics to survive. But possessions do not guarantee happiness. It’s what’s inside that counts…things like faith, love, kindness, and generosity. Just a thought. ❀

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  3. YEH! I Agree with U,My Dear… That’s y,I’ve already clarified that both matters Patience & Attitude. Patience that u’ll have everything 1day & a Down -2-Earth Attitude after having everything.Bcoz when u have Patience then only u’ll b able 2 have even the basic things bt by keeping Down -2-Earth Attitude & reminding u’rself that there was a time u had nothing U can also get a feel of satisfaction πŸ’–

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