Watch “IRAN” on YouTube

My Friends,I must say that God has wrapped them Up in his Kindness & took them where he wanted.It’s only there pure love that brings them at Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine to serve the pilgrims.They have to prepare about 12,000 boxes of fresh herbs for Iftar. Some Dates,Bread & Cheese as well as T-bags.Just like previous years, largest Iftar in the world is prepared in the guest house at Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine. There are around 400 Volunteers in the kitchen of Imam Reza’s Guest House. Where over 4 tons of Premium Quality Rice with 3 & 1/2 tons of fresh meat is prepared every night in order for the holy Shrine  to Host the world’s largest Iftar.A number of the people who live in mashhad volunteer to help prepare an Iftar of that size.There are plenty of Helping-Hand,So it doesn’t take to long for Table Cloth to be Spread in 16,000 square meters headercourt-yard at Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine.Then comes the bottle of water & Bowl of Soup, Everything is ready for the Guests to Arrive.OH! What makes that food Special for all of those who are sitting there??? The answer is that,The food was prepared for the Imam Reza.It is Impossible to Describe the spiritual Atmosphere of there.🖑🖐


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