Watch “RAMZAN 🕌” on YouTube

As the month of RAMZAN dawns upon us & the electricity fills in air.It’s unfortunate 2 c what this blessed month has turned into The month of fasting has become the month of feasting.The month of getting close 2 Allah,has become the month of getting close 2 friends.The month of getting close 2 Masjid,has become the month of getting close 2 restaurants & Cafes. The month of getting closer 2 Quran, has become the month of getting close 2 phone & Social media as well as What’s happening out there.Is this what the month of Ramzan has turned into? Is this what the month of change has become? This is the month that my soul & u’r soul have been crying 4 the past year.This is the month when the worst of people,the worst of sinners, the worst criminals on Earth.This is their chance, my chance & u’r chance,2 turn a new pg with Allah.This is our chance 2 make right,All the wrongs that we’ve made over the past year. This is what Ramzan is about,This is our chance 2 take directly from the treasures of Allah. Imagine a bank was 2 call U & tell U “please come in”. Today we’re going 2 open up our bank vault, we’re going 2 open up our safe, we’re going 2 give U 2 hours,U can take whatever U want & as much as U want. Just the thought of this puts a smile on u’r face,By Allah;U’r Heart dances with that & Y??? U’r thinking of u’rself 2 hours I can take whatever I want? U know & also do.If I work hard enough in 2 hours,I’m going 2 set myself 4 life.In those 2 hours, would any1 have time 2 answer his phone? would any1 of us have time 2 sit down & have a meal? would any1 of us have time 2 sleep? 2 hours! Money whatever U look! Take whatever U want! U wouldn’t waste a moment.Y is it when it comes 2 money, our hearts know exactly what 2 do? Bt when it comes 2 the blessed month of Ramzan.The month where Allah tells us the doors of Hell r closed,the gates of Heaven r opened & take whatever U want from Treasures of Allah.This is the month where the prophet of Allah Says,If the people knew the blessings of this month,They would wish the whole year was the month of Ramzan. This is the month where every single night in Ramzan,Allah saves people from hell fire.SO! Ask u’rself my bro & sis where r U going 2 b this Ramzan & Every Ramzan?? Atlast,This is the month of Change & Don’t make it the month of waste.🖑🖐


6 thoughts on “Watch “RAMZAN 🕌” on YouTube

  1. So true.. People are forgetting what it truly means. I am not a Muslim and maybe I should not even talk about it, but I have been reading more and more about the holy month of Ramzan this season and I think it’s just so incredible. It teaches you to have self control, it makes you healthier in some way and has so much more to it. But, we people don’t truly take it in its true and pure form. Great post.

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  2. YEH! I 2 think the same that some Muslims r 4getting the Importance of Ramzan & SO! I wrote this post…NOT-N-ISSUE! U r not Muslim bt Every1 has freedom of Speech,My Dear… SOUNDS GD! That u read about Ramzan & also like it as well as THANKS! 4 the Comment 😊


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