1) When being sad get up early morning……….

2) Be the favourate of yourself………

3) Don’t trust on them who doubt on you……..

4) Don’t doubt on them who trust on you…….

5) Be sympathetic,Be empathetic but not be pathetic……

6) Listen to everyone but do what you want…..

7) Never become hard with those who are soft with you….

8) Never become soft with those who are hard with you…

9) Be optimistic in nature..

10) Be productive for future.

43 thoughts on “10 SECRETS OF LIVING MOTIVATED:-

    1. THANKS! 4 the Appreciation & I got Inspiration because “I Love my own life” & that is what I want Everyone to Do just “LOVE UR OWN LIFE” No matter what situation U r going through…🌷

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      1. yes its true , we have to love our life. your words are so true. Great thinking . Amezing post you made.
        Nice to meet you❤

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  1. From all this wise advices, what I really like the most is the last one, which is a sort of motto of my life: Be productive for the future; ’cause that is all we can do in our short human lives, to create something that will stay when we are gone, as I said in one of my sayings:

    “We, humans, are mortals, and as such we are just passers-by on this little planet we call Earth. But what is immortal is our soul and our works that will remain behind us, even when our material bodies turn into dust and ashes.”

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    1. THANKS! 4 the Appreciation & I too Absolutely Agree with you “that Immortal is our soul as well as work which will remain behind us,even when our material bodies passes away through this Earth.” Inshort,Be productive for future🙃

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      1. I have to admit to something. I didn’t have on my reading glasses. When I read, “loveyourownlife.” I thought it said “loveyourownwife.” lol. Oh, well.

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