Everybody wants to go At Work for Increase there Savings as well as for being able to spend on the necessary life expenditures. “Mostly,who hated Long Working Hours they are too missing their job Right Now & also Missing that Rush that they Use to do Every morning while going for Job.” Everybody wants to Meet either their Family members,Relatives or siblings to continue that relaxing connection which God has given among Humans. “In which we celebrate small things like Big Achievements & shed Every tear Deep Down from the Bottom of Our Heart.” Everybody wants to Carry On that HangOut with Friends which contain much Endless Exploring & that Party which lasts never. “To capture Not only Photo or Selfie in lens of Camera but also to capture Huge Laughter with Cheerful Memories of each moment in the cornea of Eyes.”

As of Today,this all r just like a Dream waiting to Come True.The Reason why I’m telling like that is Undoubtedly Due to the Deadliest Corona Virus.

Last but not the Least,Wait is the Only Thing that we can do till the Time your Dream comes True + Trust in God that If he is Making you wait,Then be Prepared to receive more than What you Asked for & I would like to End My this Blog Post with the Slogan of *Stay Home,Stay Safe.* 🏨🤗

19 thoughts on “WAIT…❤

  1. Who have a god
    for us humans
    in the reality

    in ourselves
    can make
    I know that
    not me

    I know
    that I
    from the mother
    into life
    have been brought

    that my father
    my forefathers

    from all of our mother
    through birth

    on mother earth
    a human life
    with the women
    and their children
    have lived

    the tears
    Hardship and suffering
    are part
    of our life

    we have nothing else
    than our life
    that all of us
    the real one
    Gift is

    it’s about
    our senses
    our eyes
    to focus on that
    there where need
    and lack
    the people
    on today’s earth
    meets in their misery

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  2. You know what. For years, I hace been able to balance work with muy familiy. But now, the situation in my job gets me afraid: If I do not dedicate more hours to work I could lost this job that I love and need. Thanks for your article.

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