> Take time to read-Its the way of knowledge.

> Take time to lose around u’rself- Its the short part of being selfish.

> Take time to think-Its the power of decision.

> Take time to laugh-Its the music of soul.

> Take time to work-Its the price of success.



It can’t be purchased nor sold but just felt.for(eg);

1} We are HAPPY when electricity comes after a long powercut.
2} We are HAPPY when most awaited person suddenly comes.
3} We are HAPPY when we get food after hours of being hungry.
4} We are HAPPY when road get clear after traffic jam.



It is very-very important to have Empathy in yourselves when you became rich or very rich.As more often it’s seen that peoples even change to their family members, relatives and friends after becoming financial stable.Which is the most ruthless behaviour that anyone does ever But strictly it shouldn’t be done.Because when God blesses you financially you need to really help others as a part of Humanity or Charity.Well,I am not telling you that Don’t raise your own standard of living but just Don’t forget to raise your standard of GIVING also.

I promote WowApp🤳

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《Difference Between》


1) It pays us for daily chatting.

2) It pays us for voice calling.

3) It pays us for browsing also.

4) It pays us for shopping also.

5) It pays us for playing games also.

6) It pays us even for lock screen also.

Other Apps:

1) It doesn’t pays us for chatting.

2) It doesn’t pays us for calling.

3) No browsing feature.

4) No shopping feature.

5) No playing game feature

6) No lock screen feature.

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I would like to thank each & every follower out there for following my blog,I’m rejoicing this evening after getting the notification of 500 follows. That’s why,I thought to write 1 post on thanking everyone for their likes, comments as well as follows.It’s my heartfelt thankful post for everybody who should their kind love towards loveurownlife.🌱🌼🌷

Atlast,I just want to tell that Staytuned to loveurownlife for more Upcoming posts.

Believe in u’rself 🤞

If you think you are beaten,you are.

If you think you dare not,you don’t.

If you’d like to think you can’t,it’s almost a inch you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose you’re lost for out in the world we find.

Success begins with a person’s will,It’s all in a state of mind.

Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster person but sooner or later The person who wins is the one who thinks,they can.

Life is Roller Coaster.. 

Life is like a roller coaster it has it’s ups & downs.As sometimes it gives happiness, satisfaction & manytimes it gives sorrow, depression but it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.Because while you scream other peoples will come n go from u’r life like seasons on the contrary while you enjoy,other peoples will be wondering about you whether infront or definitely behind u’r back.

Atlast,loveurownlife always want to encourage everyone to love ur own life🙋‍♀️💝