Encouragers v/s Critics:-

The difference between Encouragers & Critics is Encourager gives other people Encouragement to do something which peoples r might b hesitating to do bt all Critic will do Criticism on others in the Everything that peoples would b doing. It’s better to Encourage Every1 that he or she may succeed Somehow instead to Criticise them that they can’t or they won’t.SO! An Encouragers try to build Entire confidence in others & Critics try to Collapse even the self confidence of others.As a result, Critics give Negative Impact in society & Encouragers has a positive Impact in society Always… πŸŽ“


Life is not that easy,As we think & Very frequently we have to face this truth.On the other hand,Life is Colourful due to Our Love 2wards it & Resilience……..

Yes,I have said 2 different things in the above 2 sentences bcoz It’s Absolutely True.As we all have some problems in life & that’s y,Life is not that Easy…… BUT Simultaneously,We all have the power to take Action as well as Over Come all problems & that’s y,Life is Colourful…… Remember Just that,some r dark Shade & some r bright Shade of Life.Dark r the Problems,Bright r the Resilience & We have power to Move from Dark to Bright Shades of Life……

MORAL:-Love u’r own life & Turn Dark into Brightβ›‡πŸŒž

“THOUGHT 4 the day.”

“I Agree with the THOUGHT & I hope u’ll also Agree with it.”

  • Bcoz it’s True that U better b fail at something U love Instead of get Success at something U hate…
  • SO! If,U try hard to get success in something that U hate just to defeat all others as well as After succeeding in it…
  • U’ll won’t b happy at all,As U don’t love it & that’s y,Being Failure is better than being Unhappy…


As we all know that PERFECT MATCHS  r made in HEAVEN.”     

That’s y, you meet many peoples in life bt at the point of LOVE it doesn’t works with anyone of them.Untill you meet u’r Soulmate SOMEONE who is  just made for you.When they walks in u’r life you see As it, completely & entirely works….


Friendship is the most wonderful Relation in the world.As compare 2 any other relation bcoz It’s above all kind of discrimination that still existed in the Society.It’s wonderful due 2 Many reasons like peoples r unknown when they meet literally or when they chat on social networking sites bt When they have CONTINOUS CONNECTION they become FRIENDS & get in a wonderful relation which is called FRIENDSHIP….