Life’s Journey👣

In your Entire Journey of life,Undoubtedly you will come across many people.But Out of these Many people,Only Some will Stay and Most will Move on without Thinking of you Twice.

When people from our life suddenly Move On,We feel much hurt & shattered. Almost like we feel that Our journey of life has just Ended as they left.

At the same time we start thinking was it our fault due to which they left us so Alone & suddenly Moved On,Then We Need to realise Also that there were signs which we did not Understood that something is going to End.

The deep sorrow & all painful experience which we received by their leaving teaches us a lesson that “Some Journey are meant to be Travelled Alone.” In this Journey you starts finding your True Self,where you are leading towards a different path as well as going to reach somewhere you never even thought of Because Sometimes It is About the Unplanned Journey that Takes you to a Purposeful Road of your own life.