A Big Hello to All My Sweet Followers out here.I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award by Prashasti Patel. THANKS! alot for this nomination, U’r Blog is also Inspirational to me & I mean it….

The rules of this award :-

1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.

3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 11 blogs.

5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.

6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

11 Questions I have received from  Prashasti Patel:-

1. Which country you love most for tourism? 

2. Do you show your Honesty in every situation? Yes / No. If No then describe situation. 

3. Are you a fatty (unhealthy) person or healthy person?  How ?

4. Do you like my blog content? Please  Be honest. 😀

5. What is the biggest regret of your life?

6. How much you love nature & what you do for nature? 

7. Tell your all time favourite 3 dishes.

8. If you get chance to do acting, which character you will love to perform? 

9. When you get a big achievement in anything like sports/exams/business/jobs then with whom you will share it first?

10. What is more important in critical situation? 1. To give respect  or 2. Save your self respect.

11. Do you love Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi?  Why? 👀


1- AUSTRALIA! Bcoz I’ve many friends from there.

2- YES.

3- Healthy Person,Thank God & By Dieting.


5- The person whom I purposed Never replied to me.

6- YEH! I sow seeds of plant on Every Environment Day.

7- Pasta,Mutton kurma & Pav Bhaji.

8- Rose from the TITANIC.

9- With mom;Bcoz I love her most among all.

10- Well;It depends entirely on Situation.

11- 4Sure; Bcoz he support the farmers much.

11 Random Facts about me:-

1) Sacrificed Ambition of life.

2) Don’t got 1st Love.

3) Lost only Brother. 

4) 3 yrs of Under Depression.

5) Tried to commit Suicide.

6) Hates Gender Inequality.

7) Going to be In unwilling profession.

8) Softhearted Person,Cries soon.

9) Spreading Love in Surroundings.

10) Alive to Encourage others who are suffering from Depression.

11) Loves Mom on Top of Everything in world.

Next Nominations are:-

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11. Ipuna Black

{Congratulations to the nominees}

11 Question for you all are:-

Q.1] How u landed in the world of Blogging?

Q.2] Where r u from? 

Q.3] Are you on Facebook?

Q.4] Do you Earn from Blogging? & How?

Q.5] What is u’r Ambition of life?

Q.6]  Married or Single?

Q.7] Do you like LOVEUROWNLIFE Blog?

Q.8] What are u’r hobbies?

Q.9] Are you on Google+ ?

Q.10] How many family members are there in u’r family?

Q.11] Do you have any Depression in life?

Atlast! THANKS,Once Again Prashasti Patel🤗🤗

Watch “RAMZAN 🕌” on YouTube

As the month of RAMZAN dawns upon us & the electricity fills in air.It’s unfortunate 2 c what this blessed month has turned into The month of fasting has become the month of feasting.The month of getting close 2 Allah,has become the month of getting close 2 friends.The month of getting close 2 Masjid,has become the month of getting close 2 restaurants & Cafes. The month of getting closer 2 Quran, has become the month of getting close 2 phone & Social media as well as What’s happening out there.Is this what the month of Ramzan has turned into? Is this what the month of change has become? This is the month that my soul & u’r soul have been crying 4 the past year.This is the month when the worst of people,the worst of sinners, the worst criminals on Earth.This is their chance, my chance & u’r chance,2 turn a new pg with Allah.This is our chance 2 make right,All the wrongs that we’ve made over the past year. This is what Ramzan is about,This is our chance 2 take directly from the treasures of Allah. Imagine a bank was 2 call U & tell U “please come in”. Today we’re going 2 open up our bank vault, we’re going 2 open up our safe, we’re going 2 give U 2 hours,U can take whatever U want & as much as U want. Just the thought of this puts a smile on u’r face,By Allah;U’r Heart dances with that & Y??? U’r thinking of u’rself 2 hours I can take whatever I want? U know & also do.If I work hard enough in 2 hours,I’m going 2 set myself 4 life.In those 2 hours, would any1 have time 2 answer his phone? would any1 of us have time 2 sit down & have a meal? would any1 of us have time 2 sleep? 2 hours! Money whatever U look! Take whatever U want! U wouldn’t waste a moment.Y is it when it comes 2 money, our hearts know exactly what 2 do? Bt when it comes 2 the blessed month of Ramzan.The month where Allah tells us the doors of Hell r closed,the gates of Heaven r opened & take whatever U want from Treasures of Allah.This is the month where the prophet of Allah Says,If the people knew the blessings of this month,They would wish the whole year was the month of Ramzan. This is the month where every single night in Ramzan,Allah saves people from hell fire.SO! Ask u’rself my bro & sis where r U going 2 b this Ramzan & Every Ramzan?? Atlast,This is the month of Change & Don’t make it the month of waste.🖑🖐

Watch “IRAN” on YouTube

My Friends,I must say that God has wrapped them Up in his Kindness & took them where he wanted.It’s only there pure love that brings them at Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine to serve the pilgrims.They have to prepare about 12,000 boxes of fresh herbs for Iftar. Some Dates,Bread & Cheese as well as T-bags.Just like previous years, largest Iftar in the world is prepared in the guest house at Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine. There are around 400 Volunteers in the kitchen of Imam Reza’s Guest House. Where over 4 tons of Premium Quality Rice with 3 & 1/2 tons of fresh meat is prepared every night in order for the holy Shrine  to Host the world’s largest Iftar.A number of the people who live in mashhad volunteer to help prepare an Iftar of that size.There are plenty of Helping-Hand,So it doesn’t take to long for Table Cloth to be Spread in 16,000 square meters headercourt-yard at Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine.Then comes the bottle of water & Bowl of Soup, Everything is ready for the Guests to Arrive.OH! What makes that food Special for all of those who are sitting there??? The answer is that,The food was prepared for the Imam Reza.It is Impossible to Describe the spiritual Atmosphere of there.🖑🖐