Sometimes Life puts you in Such a Tough Situation where you can Survive Only If you are Determined in Life that you will Overcome Anything No Matter What? or How much Difficult it would be? But It may be Because you don’t have any Other Left Option Now or Instead of Thinking that You are Determined to do such Difficult Things Only Because you don’t have Any Options “You can Also Think like that God has purposely taken Away All options from you.” So,that you can become completely Determined Towards your Ultimate Goal of Life & Become Successful.

Atlast,I must Say Determination is Almost Each and Everything in Life which you will be requiring much more in your Hard Times then Anything Else in Order to Succeed & Conquer All your Life Battles.

What Success is?

Always keep Dreaming,There’s no end to it But there is no result,If you don’t work a bit.Memories your dream on the field, So that your future gives good yield. Your Patience may cheat you ten times But you have to beat it a Hundred times. That’s the spirit of gaining success,So that…Tomorrow the World Looks at you in awe!

Atlast,Success is Sexy & Today just you need to Maintain Spirit of Gaining it’s Continuously🤞🏻

Easy V/S Difficult

Easy is to get place in someone’s friend list,Difficult is to get place in their heart.

Easy is to judge other’s mistakes, Difficult is to recognize their own.

Easy is to talk without thinking,Difficult is to hold the Tongue.

Easy is to Hurt someone,Difficult is to heal someone.

Easy is to forgive,Difficult is to ask for forgiveness.

Easy is to set rules,Difficult is to follow them.

Easy is to see the moon,Difficult is to see the other side.

Easy is to stumble and fall,Difficult is to get up Again.

Easy is to dream every night,Difficult is to fight for it Daily.

Easy is to see the care,Difficult is to show it every day.


Information by patients recovering from the Hospital✌🏻

Every day Routine:

1. Take Vit C-1000
2. Vitamin E
3. 10:00-11:00 sunlight for 15-20 minutes.
4. Egg one item
5. Take a rest / get a 7-8 hour min
6. Drink 1.5 L of water daily and every meal should be warm (not cold)

👨‍⚕️That’s what They do at the hospital🏥

💥This is to tell all of us that the pH for the corona virus varies from 5.5 to 8.5💥

What we need to do? For the defeat of corona virus 👉 is to consume more alkaline foods above the virus’s pH level.

Some of them are:
👉Lemon – 9.9 pH
👉Lime – 8.2 pH
👉Avocados – 15.6 pH
👉Garlic – 13.2 pH
👉Mango – 8.7pH
👉Tangerine – 8.5pH
👉Pineapple – 12.7 pH
👉Dandelion – 22.7 pH
👉Orange – 9.2 pH

Mild Symptoms of coronavirus:

1. Itching in the throat
2. Dry throat
3. Dry cough
4. High temperature
5. Shortness of breath
6. Loss of smell and taste

Hope not but If Anybody Notice Any of the Symptoms Mentioned Above… Quickly “take warm water with lemon & drink”

Note: I really Don’t know,How much Helpful My this Post would b To All here But Still I shared Because I didn’t found Anything Harmful in it.


Everybody wants to go At Work for Increase there Savings as well as for being able to spend on the necessary life expenditures. “Mostly,who hated Long Working Hours they are too missing their job Right Now & also Missing that Rush that they Use to do Every morning while going for Job.” Everybody wants to Meet either their Family members,Relatives or siblings to continue that relaxing connection which God has given among Humans. “In which we celebrate small things like Big Achievements & shed Every tear Deep Down from the Bottom of Our Heart.” Everybody wants to Carry On that HangOut with Friends which contain much Endless Exploring & that Party which lasts never. “To capture Not only Photo or Selfie in lens of Camera but also to capture Huge Laughter with Cheerful Memories of each moment in the cornea of Eyes.”

As of Today,this all r just like a Dream waiting to Come True.The Reason why I’m telling like that is Undoubtedly Due to the Deadliest Corona Virus.

Last but not the Least,Wait is the Only Thing that we can do till the Time your Dream comes True + Trust in God that If he is Making you wait,Then be Prepared to receive more than What you Asked for & I would like to End My this Blog Post with the Slogan of *Stay Home,Stay Safe.* 🏨🤗


What do you do,
When you know everything has fallen apart…
How do you hold on to what you got,
How do you mend that broken heart,
And the friendship you thought would forever last…

What do you do,
When you know everything is not the same…
You have to be at the end of the blame game,
You have to stare at that empty frame,
And they suddenly forget your nickname…

What do you do,
When you know there is a nasty change at the bend…
It is on you to smile and pretend,
It is on you for a failing friendship to defend,
Even when you know this is going to be the end…

What do you do,
When you know there is nothing more you can do…
You try to make it last and they don’t even attempt to,
You try to hold on to memories now in the rear-view,
So you can do is bid this part of your life adieu…

Beauty of the world:-

The beauty of this world can not be defined,Do you think everything here is easy to find?

👉🏻Don’t look at the past,keep it far behind,

👉🏻Travel in the present,so that you focus on your journey,

👉🏻Think of the future so you can make it bright,
See that no chance,rushes out of your sight & That may fetch you success in your life.

So give me a five,let’s go for a drive – search the world’s beauty that is Still undefined..🚘


1) When being sad get up early morning……….

2) Be the favourate of yourself………

3) Don’t trust on them who doubt on you……..

4) Don’t doubt on them who trust on you…….

5) Be sympathetic,Be empathetic but not be pathetic……

6) Listen to everyone but do what you want…..

7) Never become hard with those who are soft with you….

8) Never become soft with those who are hard with you…

9) Be optimistic in nature..

10) Be productive for future.



> Take time to read-Its the way of knowledge.

> Take time to lose around u’rself- Its the short part of being selfish.

> Take time to think-Its the power of decision.

> Take time to laugh-Its the music of soul.

> Take time to work-Its the price of success.


It can’t be purchased nor sold but just felt.for(eg);

1} We are HAPPY when electricity comes after a long powercut.
2} We are HAPPY when most awaited person suddenly comes.
3} We are HAPPY when we get food after hours of being hungry.
4} We are HAPPY when road get clear after traffic jam.